Urban Jungle

October 2017

Personal illustration

Project inspired by simple walking and ovesrving the city. It is a reference to a roud sign with pedestrian wchich is walking across the streets. Mixed with floral motives. Scroll down to see buying options.

Urban Jungle
Urban Jungle
Urban Jungle


Regular Series

60/85/110 PLN

+ shipping in Poland

30 × 30 cm (11,81 × 11,81 in)
40 × 40 cm (15,75 × 15,75 in)
50 × 50 cm (19,69 × 19,69 in)

Paper: Tecco Pastell Matt
Weight: 225 g/m²
Signed and numbered: No

Limited Edition

180 PLN

+ shipping worldwide

50 × 50 cm (19,69 × 19,69 in)

Year: 2020
No. of series: 1/1
No. of copies: 3
Paper: APEX Smooth Matt Cotton
Weight: 240 g/m²
Signed and numbered: Yes

Limited series of only few copies, signed and numbered by pencil on the front and ink on the back with a Certificate of Authencity.

It is pigment print, the highest possible quality digital print, which is characterized by the fact that the prints have vivid, natural colors, color gradations are more subtle and the prints have a longer life.

All sizes are including margins. High-quality artistic print. Colours can be a little bit different in reality than those previewed on monitors.

Frame is not included.

Regular Series are paused. Stay tuned.

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